Frequently Asked Questions


1How long until I am connected?
Hotspot WiFi - Could be within an hour if you place your order, submit your ID and make payment.

Wired Internet - This takes a bit longer as we need to send you a WiFi Router via courier. Place you order, submit your ID and make payment.
2What is the difference between Monthly Contract and Prepaid Data?
Prepaid Data - Once-off data bundles that expires in the time limit given.

Contract Data - The contract renews every month until you give us notice to cancel the agreement. You agree to make use of the service every month, and we make sure we can offer you the service.

We only ask for 30 days notice before the last day you want to use the service. This is for our network planning and provisioning. 
If you don’t cancel your agreement, the agreement will continue on and you will remain liable for the fees.
3How do I make payment?
We accept payments via EFT (Bank Transfer), Credit or Debit Card (PayFast), or Cash at a FNB ATM.
4What is your banking details?
This can be found on the invoice sent to you via email including the reference you must use with the payment. Do not use your name or apartment number as reference.
5How do I activate my account?
We require your ID to complete your account activation. Without this, we will not accept any orders (including Free Data)

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1How do I get my verification code for free data?
Some buildings the code can be obtained from the caretaker, other buildings we have delivered flyers with the codes on. Contact us to find out what you need to do.
2What speed can I expect from my connection?
All speeds are quoted UP TO, we do our best effort to give you the best connection possible, however there is factors that can influence your speed.

Hotspot WiFi speed can be influenced by other WiFi, walls, floors, the distance between you device and our WiFi point. We cannot control all the factors and we'll try assist to get the best connection.

We recommend you testing out the WiFi first with a Free Package or Prepaid.
3Can I play games on Techfish’s network?
Some games work and some don’t, this is because of the nature of the setup of our network.

We operate a Hotspot network at all our buildings. Some games network requirements does not work with Hotspot networks, and there is sadly nothing we can do about this.
4Can I connect my Play Station / Xbox?
Yes. You’ll need to setup your devices to connect via PPPoE instead. Just Google how to do this for your device type.

Not all games can work with our network setup unfortunately.
5What is my username and password to connect?
This will be sent to you via email once your account has been activated and payment received for your order.

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