Techfish Covid-19 Response

    Dear Client,

    We wanted to give you an update on our services during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

    We understand that this is difficult time for everyone, however, we still have a responsibility towards each other during and after lockdown comes to an end. 

    As we are deemed an essential service by government, our services are still online and working, so are our staff. 

    As a small company of less than 5 employees and our core business being the provision of Internet access to students, lockdown also puts us under immense pressure for the reasons stated below. 

    Unpaid April Invoices

    We have seen a decrease in the usage of our network, however, we have still planned for a large number of residents to still be using our network during lockdown. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of residents who access our services in the buildings we cover did not let us know that they would not be making use of our services, which you to agree to do in agreeing to our T&Cs at the time of sign-up of all new accounts. Unfortunately, this means that we have ordered and paid for enough bandwidth capacity to ensure everyone can work / study from home using our network.  

    We are now in a difficult position where we have paid our suppliers for bandwidth capacity, but our clients are not paying for the services they have access to. While we understand that you are getting no benefit if you do pay and you can’t use the service because you have chosen to spend lockdown elsewhere, we ask that you understand the precarious financial position we are in currently due to non-payment. The supply of Internet access is quite expensive and when our pricing packages are reviewed annually, we keep our profit margins as low as possible to provide the best value for money to you, and remaining commercially competitive.

    While lockdown has introduced unprecedented circumstances into our daily lives, please be reminded that the contract you have signed to access our services remains of legal force and effect. It remains our obligation to provide you with access to our networking and Internet services (whether or not you are in your apartment in the buildings we service to access them), and it remains your obligation to service the agreement through the payment of our invoices. 

    A huge THANK YOU to those clients who have continued to service their accounts by settling our invoices, including those who have negotiated a compromise in March 2020 to downgrade to a smaller package but retain our services. We have honoured the requests of those who have asked for suspensions / cancellations in March 2020. 

    That being said, all outstanding invoices for April 2020, and those invoices which were issued before April 2020, remain due, owing and payable as at the date of this email. Please make payment toward the invoices at your earliest opportunity.

    Cancellation for May 2020 and Beyond

    If you wish to cancel your services, please reply to this email indicating so in written format and one of our support staff will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to handle any administrative issues. 

    Please note that, as above, the terms of your agreement with us continue to apply and as a result, a one month notice period will apply to any cancellations. 

    Stay safe and we hope to have you back online

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